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Does insurance cover Chiropractic care?
Many insurance companies cover Chiropractic care including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Medicare, and many others as well as some HMO’s and PPO’s. We will contact your insurance company and verify your coverage as we know the questions to ask concerning Chiropractic.

What if I do not have insurance, or my coverage is limited?
Many of our patients and their families realize the need for Chiropractic care whether or not they have limited insurance, or no insurance at all. We will work out a cash payment plan in order for you to be able to receive the Chiropractic care you need and desire.

How much does Chiropractic Adjustment cost?
Each patient has different needs, and different services are rendered. Your overall costs will vary depending on how long individuals or families are recommended to be under care. We will determine your needs and discuss financial obligations with you at your initial consult. Mention the website when you call our office and receive a free consultation.

If I was injured on the job or in an automobile accident, will I be covered?
If you have been injured on the job, tell your employer immediately so he can file the claim. Normally coverage for on the job injuries is covered 100%. If you were in an automobile accident, tell the auto insurance company of the vehicle you were in that you were in an accident. These types of injuries are also normally covered.

What should I do if I my question was not answered here?
Feel free to call our office at 770-993-4464 and a member of our staff will answer any of your financial questions. If you should need to talk with the Doctor , feel free to ask. He will take your call, or call you back as soon as possible. There will be no charge for learning about Chiropractic care!!!